3PL Services

Order Fulfillment

Fulfill Every Customer Expectation

Never disappoint a customer again. From online orders to picking and packing, our order fulfillment services focus on accuracy and timeliness so you never deliver a late or incorrect order again. Plus, with full control over the entire process, we ensure the safe delivery of every order in a cost-effective and damage-free manner. Let us take over

  • Order fulfillment
  • Internet orders
  • Picking & Packing
  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Safe Handling
  • And more

Whether you are a small, one-person operation or a large retailer, let us support your growth by supporting your customer relationships. As your order fulfillment partner, we help you earn a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness – So you can continue to thrive.

Why Choose Us?

We Make Logistics Look Easy

Stop apologizing to customers for late or damaged orders. Spend less time worrying about document compliance. And ditch long-term contracts that don’t work for your needs. CTC Distributing is here to give you peace of mind.

40+ Years of Excellence

Month-to-Month Agreements

Cross-Border Advantage

Full-Service Logistics

99% Fulfillment Accuracy


More Customer
– Less Work

You have a business to run. So stop trying to navigate the logistics complexities of getting the right orders to the right customers at the right price on your own. At CTC Distribution, we deeply understand the movement of goods and have experienced teams ready to take over everything from warehousing your goods to optimizing their delivery to individual customers. Let our order fulfillment services help you:

  • Eliminate warehousing responsibilities
  • Save time on logistics and planning
  • Scale seamlessly
  • Handle seasonal demands
  • Access advanced technology
  • Streamline pick & pack operations
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Speed up delivery times
  • Optimize route and packing strategies

More 3PL Solutions

Keep your business running and your customers satisfied with third-party logistics (3PL) that enhance your supply chain operations. From distribution, fulfillment and warehousing, to storage and trucking, we are your trusted partner in managing logistics complexities and ensuring products are stored, handled, and delivered with precision and care.

Distribution Services

Get your goods into the hands of vendors and retailers more quickly with intelligent distribution services. Our strategically located distribution centers save you time and money, while optimizing your distribution goals.

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Order Fulfillment

Accuracy and timeliness are essential to order fulfillment. Let our experienced team navigate the complexities of accurately picking and packing, shipping in a timely manner, and fulfilling client expectations with safe handling of every order.

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Store your inventory in a manner tailored to each product’s needs and situated in such a way to streamline shipment to the next stage of your supply chain operations. Plus, we offer consolidated warehousing to combine small shipments into a larger, economical load.

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Inventory Management

The utmost in accurate inventory management is available through our specialized inventory control team. Our proven processes include regular cycle counts and annual counts as part of our proven inventory track record.

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Our comprehensive 3PL services, supply chain knowledge, dedication to customer satisfaction and efficient, cost-saving techniques come together to benefit you and your customers. We even handle reverse logistics and returns.

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Just need trucking? Require assistance moving goods across modes of transportation? Let our private fleet, truck broker services and transloading setup deliver efficiency across every single mile.

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Contract Warehousing

Establish a distribution center in the location of your choice with our contract warehousing services. We operate successful contract warehousing operations for companies seeking long-term supply chain solutions at dedicated facilities.

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