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Buy or Lease Steel Storage Containers

Avoid damage and loss of goods, especially during trans-oceanic shipping, with our used steel storage containers. Designed to keep products dry and secure, they are ideal for protecting expensive trade goods from the extreme conditions of shipping, particularly across the sea. Unlike a shed or garage, our steel storage containers include watertight door gaskets which make them nearly impervious to moisture penetration, vermin infestation, rot, decay, and excess humidity. And, as portable units, you can safely transport your goods anywhere they need to go.

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Tailor Your Storage Solution

To meet your specific storage needs, we offer our containers for purchase or for lease. And, we offer you two container size options for secure protection of loads both big and small. Interested? Please request a container rental quote or purchase, or contact our staff to learn more.

20′ Steel Container

Exterior: 20′ L x 8′ W x 8’6″ H
Interior: 7ft, 8.6in.
Interior Height: 7ft, 10.3in.
Interior Length: 19ft, 4.2in.
Cubic Volume: 1173 cu. ft.
Door Width: 92.1in.
Door Height: 89.7in.
Gross: 67,196 lbs.
Payload: 62,346 lbs.
Tare Weight: 4,850 lbs.

40′ Steel Container

Exterior: 40′ L x 8′ W x 8’6″ H
Interior: 7ft, 8.5in.
Interior Height: 7ft, 10.2in.
Interior Length: 39ft, 5.7in.
Cubic Volume: 2389 cu. ft.
Door Width: 92.0in.
Door Height: 89.8in.
Gross: 67,196 lbs.
Payload: 58,973 lbs.
Tare Weight: 8,223 lbs.

40’ High Cube dimensions

Exterior: 40′7” L x 8′ W x 9’6″ H
Interior: 7′9″ in.
Interior Height: 8′10″ in.
Interior Length: 39′6″ in.
Cubic Volume: 2,698 cu. ft.
Door Width: 7′8″ in.
Door Height: 8′6″ in.
Gross: 71,650 lbs.
Payload: 63,427 lbs.
Tare Weight: 8,223 lbs.

Explore Mobile Storage For Your Business

Want to learn more about our mobile storage solutions? Check out these FAQs and get in touch with any further inquiries.

  • What are portable steel shipping containers?

    Portable steel shipping containers are sturdy, metal units designed to securely store and transport goods, especially across long distances like trans-oceanic shipping routes. They are built to withstand extreme conditions and protect valuable trade goods from damage and loss.

  • How do these containers differ from traditional storage options like sheds or garages?

    Unlike traditional storage options, our steel shipping containers feature watertight door gaskets that make them highly resistant to moisture penetration, vermin infestation, rot, decay, and excess humidity. This ensures that your goods remain dry, secure, and undamaged, even in harsh shipping environments.

  • What sizes are available for these portable steel containers?

    Our portable steel containers come in various sizes to suit different storage needs. Specifically, we offer 20 and 40 foot options.

  • Are these containers suitable for international shipping?

    Absolutely. Our steel shipping containers are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of trans-oceanic shipping. Their durable construction and watertight features make them ideal for protecting goods during long journeys across the sea.

  • Can these containers be customized to meet specific storage requirements?

    Please talk to our staff about potential customization options such as partitions, ventilation systems and shelves for your containers.

  • Are these containers easy to transport?

    Yes, one of the primary advantages of our portable steel containers is their ease of transportation. They are equipped with forklift pockets and sturdy corner castings, allowing them to be easily loaded onto trucks, ships, or trains for transportation to any desired location.

  • How long do these containers typically last?

    Our steel shipping containers are built to last, even under harsh conditions. With proper maintenance and care, they can provide reliable storage solutions for many years, making them a cost-effective investment for businesses and individuals alike.

  • Are there any environmental benefits to using steel shipping containers?

    Yes, repurposing used steel shipping containers for storage helps reduce the demand for new construction materials, contributing to sustainability efforts. Additionally, the durability of steel ensures that these containers have a long lifespan, further minimizing environmental impact compared to disposable storage solutions.