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Secure storage of your documents should not make it hard to access information when you need it. Our efficient and FAST retrieval services allow you to get the data you need, when you need it, in the form that you require. We pride ourselves on an operating procedure that delivers your information to you in an accurate and timely manner.

Retrieval requests are easily done online, via fax or phone call. Next-day, half-day and emergency retrieval services are also available. Requests can be scanned, delivered or picked up at our facility by authorized personnel.

Refiling is done in a timely and accurate manner to ensure the file (s) or box (es) are properly bar coded, scanned and put back in their original location. This is the perfect combination of security and access, all in a way that is most convenient for you and your business.

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We Make Logistics Look Easy

Stop apologizing to customers for late or damaged orders. Spend less time worrying about document compliance. And ditch long-term contracts that don’t work for your needs. CTC Distributing is here to give you peace of mind.

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Confidential &
Convenient File Access

Without document retrieval and refiling services, your stored documents simply gather dust. With efficient systems in place, however, we can help you to boost your productivity, deliver immediate access to critical information, and allow your data to work with and for you, even while keeping it secure and organized. Let us help you:

  • Easily retrieve critical information on your deadline
  • Locate specific documents within moments
  • Eliminate manual searching
  • Ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Streamline your employees’ collaboration and workflow
  • And more

More Document Solutions

Keep your business running and your customers satisfied with document services that enhance your business’ operations. From storage to document retrieval, we are your trusted partner in managing document needs.


Whether you’re looking to store just a few boxes, or need an entire storage facility, we have the space for all of your documents.

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Document Retrieval / Refiling

Access your information quickly with an easy, streamlined process. We also offer emergency retrieval services when time is of the essence.

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Document Retention

Stop taking time out of your schedule to make sure all your records are retained, and then stored or destroyed, properly. We offer onsite or secure facility retention on your ideal schedule.

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Scanning / Imaging

Our team will design a document imaging roadmap to achieve your short and long-term needs, with everything from document scanning services and conversion to online file storage.

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Microfiche Conversion

Obtain convenient and secure access to all of your images and videos- anytime, anywhere – without having to dig through boxes to find them.

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Don’t risk your clients’ security or waste your employees’ precious time with in-house shredding. We offer economical, secure destruction of your documents to save you time and money.

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